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Chairman Christ Newsletter - Update

Chairman's Newsletter

Good evening friends! Although a lot has taken place nationally, and we have a lot of work to do, I thought it would be a good time to give you all an update on our local party.


Our Party had a very busy start. When we were all sworn in in August, we were in the middle of a November General Election.  Everyone worked very hard to make sure Montgomery County continued her legacy of being one of the reddest counties in the nation (of its size).

I'm very proud of your hard work.... from the Republican Precinct Chairs, to the various Republican Women's Clubs, and for all of the voters who pushed so hard to get the vote out for Republicans up and down the ballot. 

We had a very high turnout for Montgomery County. To put it into perspective, last General Election 66% of the people turned out to vote. This year we had 73%. Keep in mind that the voter roles do not get purged automatically when someone moves and registers somewhere else, or passes away, so I expect that we got closer to 80% out to vote. Many groups were calling and block walking folks who had not voted, only to find out they had moved.  
My stated goals when I ran for the office of Chairman were to 1) engage Youth, 2) engage the Hispanic population, and 3) aid the Republican Women Clubs in increasing their numbers. I believe I've gotten a good start on this. 
CONSERVATIVE YOUTH: My wife has been working as my ambassador with the TX Youth Summit to achieve step #1. Just recently, they kicked off a TXYS fellowship system to further build the Conservative Youth community in Montgomery County... and later throughout Texas. 
LATINO CLUB: I have begun the process of working with some of our Republican Women to start a Republican Latino Club in Montgomery County. I will give you more updates as they become readily available.  
TECHNOLOGY CANCEL CULTURE: I'm working with our State Reps and some in the State Party to combat the technology cancel culture of conservatives that we are witnessing. I feel like this is extremely important to fight. If we can't communicate through our current social platforms, then our message cannot grow and the relevance of fair elections is greatly diminished. Please stay tuned for updates.
I'm very excited about these initiatives and I welcome anyone getting involved to help promote these efforts. Just reach out to me by email. Also, please forward this email to your friends so they can join this newsletter.
Please know that you can reach out to me any time you have a question. I do work full time so I'm not able to be physically available during the day, but I try to return questions in the evening. Below are some upcoming events I have on my schedule.

Things are moving in the right direction. Over the last few months, we've worked toward building a stronger party by combining assets and updating technology. Below is a list of the status of these endeavors:

  • Complete - Electronic Door System: We installed an electronic door locking mechanism to the Headquarters so more Republicans can easily access and use our convenient HQ at 310 Metcalf Street. In addition to keeping the HQ staffed daily with volunteers from 8-5, thanks to the marvelous efforts of Dorothy Woodall... We've lent the space to the Montgomery County Young Republicans, National Rifle Association, and many Republican Party Committees.

  • Complete - Update Internet and Phone: Our Internet was using DSL, which required additional costly phone lines. We've updated to the latest technology and our phones to VOIP. This change will reduce our bill by over $200.  Also, the high speed broadband internet will be very useful as committees meet and need to stream high speed data.

  • Complete - Website Merging: The 2 existing Party websites have been consolidated.

  • Complete - Merging Party Email Lists:  The various Party lists have been consolidated and we have over 5,000 Party contacts.  This will help as Big Tech is currently censoring conservatives.

  • Expected March Completion - Bank Account Merging: We are in the middle of consolidating bank accounts, closing old accounts, and terminating the additional Party Filing ID.